About Us

HumBug Pest Control is a family owned and operated company that was founded by John and Jane Elledge in 2004. Since then, HumBug Pest control has grown to the point that we are now serving clients in East Tennessee that cover state borders from Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. This achievement has been made by simply taking great care of our clients through honest and dependable service. Our clients are not just our customers, they’re our friends. In June of 2012 John’s son bought HumBug Pest Control so that his dad could relax a little.

My name is Clay and I am the new face of HumBug Pest Control. Along with my wife Angela, we will not only serve our customers in the same way that my dad did, we will add services and technology in order to make things more convenient for our customers.

Our goal is to continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and to earn the reputation of being the best pest control company to do business with. HumBug Pest Control has always felt that a service company is only as good as the service technician doing the actual work. This is where we at HumBug feel we’re different than our competition. Our service technicians have not only been personally selected by our family, they are family. In addition, all of our technicians have gone through rigorous training, which, at HumBug, is an on-going process. All of our technicians are licensed by the state of Tennessee and have the experience that you require and ask for when you want a true pest professional.
We are truly committed to providing the very best service possible.

I Guarantee It!!!